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Why the Grieving Process is Important

One of the cremations services in Owego, NY is grief support, including grief resources. The grieving process is important. When we lose someone we love to death, it can a shocking blow that makes us feel like our feet have suddenly been taken out from under us. We experience emotions of despair, sadness, disorientation, vulnerability, and even, sometimes, relief (because our loved one is no longer suffering).

These are normal emotions and feelings and the grieving process helps us to work through them and set our worlds back upright again, even though our lives will never be the same and the loss never goes away.

If we don’t allow ourselves to experience the grieving process, we miss out on important opportunities to learn, to grow, and to become more kind, gentler, more compassionate, and more empathetic people. We also just delay the process that will eventually have its day in another time in the future in an unhealthy way.

Although we associate loss and death with the grieving process, there are other losses in life that we experience that can cause us to grieve.

Disenfranchised losses have no graves, no community support, and no fellowship to mourn them. Because the people are still alive, whether they be friends or family members, nobody acknowledges the losses that have occurred.

Examples of disenfranchised losses include divorce, addiction, mental illness, family dysfunction, and life transitions like losing a job, home, or health, empty-nesting, and retirement.

Part of the grieving process is protective and that is often the first stage. We go numb emotionally and shut down. We know a loss has happened, but we can’t go there emotionally.

Yearning and searching is also part of the grieving process. This can weave in and out of the entire process, as we look back to the way things were – or we wish they were – before and we try to find that good part again in other people, things, or places.

The grieving process also includes despair, disruption, and anger. This too can come in and out of the grieving process. If we carry resentment with our anger, the grieving process can get a lot more complicated, and for some people who experience complicated grief, this can be where they get stuck.

Anger is often a manifestation of the underlying sorrow we feel for the loss. Anger is often easier to deal with because it’s definitive in its starting and ending points, while sadness can feel confusing and disorienting because there’s no door we opened to get in and there’s no door we can open to get out.

At some point in the grieving process, we reach a point where we can talk rationally, without getting dragged back down into the black hole of sorrow, about the loss. At this point, our emotions about the loss are easier to feel on some level, and we can find words to describe that and integrate that into who we are. This is the strengthening part of the grieving process because we know ourselves better and we are more self-aware than we were before the loss. That strength gives us the ability to accept the loss.

The last stage of the grieving process is the one in which we build anew after the loss. It doesn’t mean the loss has gone away or we’ve forgotten, but at some point, we realize we’re still breathing, so life still has to go forward as long as we are.

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