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Ways to be Helpful in a Funeral

During funerals at Veteran, NY funeral homes, people often want to be of service or help out in any way that can for the family of a loved one who has died. Funerals are made of many moving parts that often look as though they just happen, but there are people in the background who are making sure that things go smoothly for everyone.  

One way to assist a bereaved family during a funeral service is to attend to the guest book. Guest books are placed outside the chapel where the funeral service will be held. Guest books allow people who come to pay their respects to the deceased and to comfort and support the family to record their presence. The family receives the guest book as part of the funeral home’s services to them.  

Attending to the guest book includes making sure mourners have a pen to sign the book during both the visitation and the funeral service (some people will attend both the visitation and funeral service and some will attend only the funeral service). Most funeral homes have staff that can keep up with moving the guest book if the visitation and funeral service are held in different locations, but it can help the family to know that someone is looking out for the guest book for them.  

Another way to help during a funeral is to record gifts and flowers sent to the funeral service. The bereaved family will get thank-you notes from the funeral home to send to people who’ve given gifts and flowers, so having a list of those names of those people and what they contributed helps make the thank-you note writing easier after the funeral. Be sure to record first and last names, addresses, if they’re included, and the actual contribution. The easiest way is to take photos with a smartphone of both tags and the gift so that the grieving family will have visual reminders to help them when they’re writing thank-you notes.  

A third way to be helpful during a funeral is to attend to the needs of the family. Offer to get them water during the visitation, and, if there’s a reception after the funeral service, offer to get them drinks and something to eat. These things are usually the last thing on the mind of a family that’s grieving, but they’ll be appreciative of your show of concern for their welfare.  

Consider buying cloth handkerchiefs for each family member to have during the visitation and the funeral. Paper tissues may be adequate, but people often find they have a pile of them with no place to put them. Also include a small bottle of hand sanitizer with each handkerchief, so that family members can use it as needed while greeting mourners.  

Often times, funeral home staff will assist with parking for the funeral, but you can offer to help both with parking before the funeral and with traffic flow after the funeral, especially if there is a funeral procession to the graveyard immediately following the funeral. Parking for handicapped individuals and the family should be reserved as close as possible to the funeral service location.  

A final way to be helpful during a funeral service is to offer to help with seating. The funeral director will guide people into the room where the service is being held, but an extra hand at helping people find seats is always appreciated.  

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