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Avoid These Funeral Home Pre-Planning Mistakes

If you have thought of planning your own final services with a funeral home in Wellsburg, NY, it’s definitely a good idea. You can relieve your family of a number of burdens, get better prices, and get what you really want for the services, among other things. But, like with any plans, there are mistakes you can make along the way. Here are some common errors and how you can avoid them as you pre-plan with a funeral home.  

Mistake 1: Waiting For Illness 

Many people don’t like to think about their own funerals, and we don’t blame them. However, waiting until you are ill with a potentially life-threatening sickness isn’t a good idea. You never know how long you’ll have before you pass on and it’s a lot harder to plan ahead when you are ill. Pre-planning your funeral before anything like that comes up is the wise way to go. You will have time and plenty of energy to put into the planning process.  

Mistake 2: Not Asking Enough Questions 

Many funeral homes have a lot of different options for services and packages. You shouldn’t feel bad about asking questions about any of them. You can change things around and make the service as unique as you’d like. If you just choose something and don’t ask questions, your family may not get what they need once you pass on. You are purchasing an important service and you want to know the details before you make the wrong decision.  

Mistake 3: Avoiding Direct Communication 

The funeral home you choose is there to help you with the services you need. However, you have to communicate with then in a clear and direct manner so they know what you want. If they aren’t on the same page as what you are thinking, there’s no way for them to do as you want. Communicate what you want in a clear and direct manner and put things into writing so both parties know what’s going to happen.  

Mistake 4: Forgetting Prices 

One of the benefits of pre-planning with a funeral home is that you can take care of the costs for your family in advance. If you pay too much attention to price, or not enough, you can make big mistakes. You might be on a budget, but if you skimp and don’t get all the services your family would like, they’ll hurt later. If you spend too much and leave the costs to them, that can hurt as well.  

If you’d like to plan services in advance with a funeral home in Wellsburg, NY, contact Roberts Funeral Home at (607) 734-7811. We are experts in planning ahead and we won’t let you make some of the common mistakes that people make when working on their own final services. We are located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and we’re here to help with services of any kind, way before you pass on or after you lose a loved one.

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What A Funeral Home Suggests After Death

When someone you love passes away, you might be in a state of shock and grief. Once you are able to push past the initial emotions, you know there’s a lot to do. It’s never easy to death with death and grief, but a Big Flats, NY funeral home can help you figure out the steps to take to make the process as simple as possible during such a difficult time.  

The Death Certificate 

One of the first things you will need to do is secure copies of the death certificate. You won’t be able to move forward with arrangements or anything else you need to do until this is completed. You’ll need several copies to help you with a variety of things so get at least 15 copies just in case.  

Informing Others 

You will likely reach out to close family members immediately upon losing your loved one, but later one, you will also want to talk to others your loved one touched during their life. It might be too much for you to take on, so it is often a good idea to call just a few people and ask them to contact others for you. There may be some you’d like to wait and call after the funeral arrangements are made so you can inform them of those at the same time. Others will want to know of the death right away.  

Close Accounts 

You will want to start closing down your loved one’s accounts, so those aspects are taken care of. Do things like cancel their credit cards to prevent anyone from stealing their identity and using them. Keep a close eye on bank accounts and other things that will eventually transfer to someone else once the will is read.  

Contact An Attorney 

If your loved one had a will and an attorney, contact that person to help arrange the estate. The process can be complex and complicated, and it is best left up to a professional. If you have your own attorney you trust, you can ask them to help as well. Otherwise, use the person your loved one left their will with to complete the process for your family.  

Choose A Funeral Home 

You will also want to contact a funeral home early on in the process as well to get final arrangements started. Roberts Funeral Home is here to help you honor your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve. Contact us at (607) 734-7811 when you need Big Flats, NY funeral homes to help you say goodbye to your loved one. We will customize any funeral service into just what you’d like so you can honor wishes and your family needs at the same time. We’re located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and it is our job to relieve you of as many burdens as we can during this difficult time of grief.