cremations in Waverly, NY

Planning Gatherings Before or After Cremations

As part of cremations in Waverly, NY, you can have funeral services or memorial services for the deceased person. It’s a healthy way to gather family and friends in one location to facilitate and support the grieving process.  

First decide what kind of service you want for the deceased. Funeral services are held before cremation and may or may not have the deceased present. If the deceased is present, the body will be either in the cremation casket or a casket that is rented from the funeral home for the service, after which the deceased is transferred to the cremation casket (must be completely fully combustible, and contain no metal). If the deceased is not present, there is no need for a casket other than the cremation casket.  

Visitations are usually held before funeral services. These are designed to give friends and family a chance to offer the grieving family condolences, support, and comfort. Many times in visitation, the deceased will be present, but other times the deceased will not be present. Visitations are recommended regardless because they’re an invaluable part of taking care of a bereaved family after a death has occurred.   

The funeral service itself is more structured ceremony with someone presiding over the order of events, which often including secular and/or religious readings, eulogies, a sermon (if religious), and music.  

Often, if the funeral service is during the day, a reception with food and drinks is held after the service to let people more informally interact with the grieving family and offer care and concern.  

Memorial services, on the other hand, are held after cremation. These gatherings can be held at any time, which can help people from all over plan to come together to remember the deceased. Memorial services can also be held anywhere, and are often less structured and more focused on interactive conversations with stories and memories of the deceased. If memorial services are held in the funeral home, an urn with the cremains of the deceased will usually be displayed.  

Both funeral services and memorial services can be highly customized depending on what the family and deceased would have wanted, so take that into account when planning either service. Do make sure to ask the funeral home if they can record the service, in case there are friends and family members who are unable to attend because of distance, health, or other circumstances. You can copy the file of the service, which is in a standard format that most computer video players can play, to flash drives and send them to those who were absent.  

The next decision with cremations is planning a gathering around the final disposition of the cremains. There are many options for final disposition of cremains, but the most common are: permanent possession (the family keeps the cremains in a decorative container in their home); scattering cremains; and burial of cremains (next to a loved one in a cemetery).   

Some families choose to scatter or bury cremains privately, while others plan a more open (although it’s usually invitation-only) ceremony.  

It’s also common to create permanent memorials for the deceased after cremation. It might be a marker in the cemetery or a tree planted in the deceased memory. These enable family and friends to gather any time to remember the deceased.   

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