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Nurture the Family Unit after a Funeral

After funerals at funeral homes in West Elmira, NY, it is not unusual for family members – especially those that are more distant, but sometimes even the closest ones – to drift away and never come back together. If the deceased was a matriarch or patriarch of the family and the fulcrum point that kept the family together and in touch with each other, the loss of connection is even more likely.

Sometimes immediate family fractures, especially if there are already existing tensions or issues among siblings. Even if the siblings don’t have any problems, sometimes fractures occur because of legal matters such as wills and inheritances. Many times, these breaks are permanent.

More often, though, the distant family connections break because the thread that held them together is gone. People live in different places, lead different lives, and may have only seen each other once or twice a year for holidays.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many things that remaining family members can do to nurture the family unit after a funeral.

One is to get everyone’s contact information, including email, social media accounts, phone numbers, and addresses. Send a short update email to everyone once a while or create a family group on social media where everyone can post updates about themselves and their families. If you have relatives who aren’t using email or social media, send them a text message a couple of times a month, or call them every two weeks just to check in, or send them a handwritten card or note every couple of months.

Another way to nurture the family unit is to create a family newsletter that you publish every quarter. Encourage all the family members to send news and pictures of their family events or milestones that you can include in the newsletter. With a variety of free and intuitive page layout software available, putting a family newsletter together is not only easy but quick.

A third way to nurture the family unit after a funeral is to plan regular gatherings, either in small groups, or to bring the whole family together. A great idea is to have an annual family reunion. Choose four or five locations where family life that is good gathering spots (enough hotel and restaurant accommodations, as well as activities) for reunions. Rotate the location of the reunion through these places so the burden of planning the reunion (securing blocks of rooms in hotels, setting up one or two meals in restaurants, etc.) doesn’t fall on the same people every time. Plan at least one reunion in the rotation to be near the cemetery of the family patriarch or matriarch so that everyone can visit and future generations will know the history of their families.

A final way to nurture family units after the death of a loved one is to send an annual letter to everyone. Many people do this around holidays as a way of catching everyone up on the significant events in their year and to keep the lines of communication open.

It takes some effort to keep families intact after funerals, but the effort is well worth it. Don’t lose the people you love and who love you, no matter how far or near they are away.

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