cremations in West Elmira, NY

Ideas for Using Cremation Remains

Remains from cremations in West Elmira, NY are given to the family to do what they wish with them. There are many creative ways to use cremation remains – known as cremains – to remember a loved one in a way that suits your family, and your loved one’s wishes, best.

One way to use cremains is to scatter them in a special place. That may be your loved one’s favorite place in the whole wide world, or it may be in a place that had special meaning for them or for your family. If you plan to scatter the ashes on private land that you don’t own, it’s important to get permission from the property owner before scattering them. Some national parks will allow cremains to be scattered, but you’ll need to make sure you get the proper authorization first.

Another way to use cremains is to have them transformed into keepsake jewelry. From pendants to rings to bracelets, there are many designs that you can choose from. A small amount of the cremains will be stored inside the jewelry, allowing you to keep your loved one close by all the time.

A really unique way to use cremains is to have them integrated with explosive materials to create fireworks. There are several companies that specifically create fireworks using cremains, and then they will produce a fireworks show for family and friends to see their loved one light up the darkness of night.

Cremains are often included as artist’s material. Two examples are mixing them with tattoo ink and with oil or acrylic paints.

Some people want memorial tattoos of their loved one after death. Often these will be an elaborate design with the name, date of birth and date of death, or they will be an image, inked from a photo, of the deceased loved one. Some tattoo artists will mix some of the cremains with the inks they will use to create the memorial tattoo, allowing you to have your loved one as a permanently-etched part of you.

If your loved one was an artist or loved art, then using some of their cremains to create a painting is a great way to pay tribute to them. Professional painters will mix the cremains with either oil-based or acrylic paint and create the painting you desire from those paints. You may want a portrait of your loved one or you may want a painting of a place or something that they loved, like a family cabin or cottage, or a flower garden, the ocean, or a forest.

Two of the neatest ideas for using cremains are using them to create ocean reefs and using them to grow a plant or a tree.

There are companies that will take some of your loved one’s cremains and create reefs from them. Coral reefs are endangered throughout the world, so these new reefs give a favorable habitat for marine life to thrive.

The seed of a plant or tree can be planted in biodegradable urns, which have soil that is mixed with your loved one’s cremains. The cremains have nutrients that can enrich the soil and promote growth of a new living thing. The plant or tree is a lasting tribute to your loved one that can be used as a gathering place for family and friends on significant anniversaries.

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