cremations in Wavery, NY

How to Preplan Cremations

With cremations in Wavery, NY, the body is cremated and the cremains become ash. Cremains can be buried in the ground, put into a columbarium (a building or room with slots where funeral urns are stored), retained by the family in an urn, or scattered somewhere.  

By preplanning your cremation, you can decide how you want your cremation to be. Generally, services for people who are cremated are held before the cremation or after the cremation.   

If the service is held before the cremation, it is often very much like the service before a burial. There can be a viewing and then a funeral service within a few days after death. You can either purchase your own cremation casket – it must not contain any metal and it must be 100%-combustible – for the viewing and funeral service or you can rent a casket for the viewing and funeral service from the funeral home for a minimal cost, after which the funeral home will transfer the body to a fully-combustible casket for cremation.  

Services held after cremations are memorial services and they can be held at any time, in any place, and can have any format. Some people prefer memorial services because it gives friends and family time to get time off of work, make travel arrangements, and often meet at a place that is special to the deceased for the service and, perhaps, to scatter the cremains. You can designate where and how you want your memorial service to be done. It can be a get-together, where stories and memories are shared, or it can be a meet-up for a favorite activity, or it can be a party. The choice is yours.  

When you’re preplanning a cremation, you get the opportunity to decide how you want the cremains to be handled. They can be buried in a cemetery (it is not unusual for spouses who have a spouse that predeceased them and is buried to have their ashes buried with their spouse or scatter at the spouse’s grave), kept in an urn by the family, or scattered at a favorite spot.  

One of the choices you’ll need to make is how you want the cremains to be returned to your family. The funeral home will provide a basic container with your cremains, but you can purchase a wide variety of urns and other types of containers that are specifically designed for this purpose.    

The other part of preplanning cremations usually includes paying for everything up front or giving the funeral home your burial/funeral policy, if you have one, to use to cover the costs at the time you die. These costs will include casket rental (if you plan a visitation and funeral and do not want that to be in a cremation casket), a cremation casket, funeral home services, the cremation, and disposal of the cremains.  

Once you’ve preplanned your cremation with the funeral home, be sure to record everything to keep with your important papers (include burial/funeral policy information that you’ve given to the funeral home), and then make sure your entire family knows all the details, so everybody is on the same page.  

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