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An Example of a Great Obituary

Helping families write obituaries is among the cremations services provided in Elmira, NY. Some families, though, seem to have a knack for writing tributes to their loved ones that are amazing and give real insights into who these people were when they were alive.

An excellent example is the obituary that the children of Marie Bogus-Apichell wrote after her death (excerpts follow): “There’s a precise moment in the early mornings when the temperature reaches its coldest point and a ribbon of pastel pink clouds kiss the tops of the evergreens.

It is at that specific time when the cold Elysburg mornings coaxed our blue-eyed Polish Mom to rise and head to work.

She was the first one up every morning having her coffee, toast and jelly and the last one home. She was up and out the door by 6:30 a.m.; home by 4:30 p.m..

Born on March 1, 1925, in Coal Township to a large Catholic family, Marie Bogus-Apichell (nicknamed Binka) shared a large house on Spruce Street with six brothers and five sisters. A mining accident claimed the life of her father at a fairly early age and her mother passed away a few years later. These circumstances forced Marie to quit Coal Township High to take on household responsibilities and look after her younger brothers and sisters.

She subsequently married in her twenties and gave birth to four children. Raising the family in Elysburg, her children attended local Catholic schools. Employed as a seamstress at the Arrow Shirt factory, she provided for her family through enormous sacrifices to make mortgage payments on the Elysburg house, to keep food on the table and to give her children the opportunity to attend college.

Her culinary specialties included pigeons, pierogies, spaghetti and meatballs, and her three-layered, pudding-filled chocolate-frosted poppy seed cake that was absolutely out of this world. We couldn’t wait for that birthday cake.

As a frugal bargain hunter and die-hard shopper, she would never pay full price for anything or walk away from a bargain…

Marie was an avid reader of the Shamokin News-Item. On a daily basis, after coming home from work or church, she would sit in her favorite upholstered chair and read the entire paper. Anytime the neighbors wanted to know about a specific person or the latest news, they would just ask Marie. She knew the comings and goings on in all of Elysburg, Shamokin and Coal Township. She was disappointed every time inclement weather prevented the paper from being delivered…

Marie appreciated everything anyone would do for her…She taught us the value of honest work and the importance of saving money.

At the age of 92, on January 27, 2018, Marie passed away of old age-her tires were well-worn and she was ready to see her maker. She lived a long, simple, quiet and comfortable life in her little white house, breathing her final breath in her sleep.

Elysburg and her neighbors will never be the same without Marie. She truly was a beautiful person and loving mother. Even while confined to her wheelchair, she made efforts to socialize with her neighbors over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or a few brewskies or a backyard barbeque…

We are proud to have Marie as our mother who made us better and stronger human beings. We will never forget her loving ways. She truly was a best friend.”

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