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Funeral Fraud: Taking Advantage of Grief

Fraud can begin before the funeral at Caitlin, NY funeral homes. There are several prevalent types of fraud that specifically target families who’ve lost a loved one and who are grieving. We’ll highlight what these are so that you can be aware and protect yourself.  

Several types of funeral fraud happen because of what information is included in the obituary.   

One of these is street addresses of the deceased and street addresses of family members who may want to a place for mourners to come if they are unable to be at the visitation along with visitation times and dates, funeral times and dates, and graveside services times and dates.   

So, while you’re in the process of burying your loved one, burglars know where everyone lives and when the homes will be unoccupied, making them easier targets for break-ins and thefts.   

After the funeral, the surviving family members may get visits from fraudsters claiming that vehicles and/or equipment was sold to them or was put up for sale. Even though the family may insist that nothing was sold or for sale, if there is equipment they have no use for or vehicles that won[‘t be used, the family may be willing to sell them immediately for a very low price just to get rid of them.  

To protect yourself against this type of funeral fraud, do not put any street address information in the obituary.  

Two other pieces of information in obituaries can lead to identify theft. Often families will include maiden names of mothers, wives, sisters, or daughters and their date of birth. That’s really all good identity theft needs to access financial information, steal money or credit card numbers, or even open new credit in the deceased’s name, wreaking havoc of the deceased’s finances.  

Probate fraud is, sadly, a common type of funeral fraud. However, probate fraud usually happens before someone dies and it is perpetuated by someone the deceased person knows rather than a stranger. A lot of times probate fraud happens within families, especially in second marriages (children from the first marriage are defrauded) and in families where siblings don’t get along.  

Probate fraud consists of someone cultivating the dying person’s emotional and physical dependence on them, then convincing the dying person to make changes to their will, sign over property, or make them the sole executor of their will.   

When last-minute changes are made to a will, probate fraud is what is taking place. If beneficiaries are suddenly changed, then beneficiary fraud is also be perpetrated. Usually these happen concurrently, and the beneficiaries don’t find out about it until after the funeral and burial.   

If the will and beneficiary changes were made legally, it will be tough and long court battle to set things right. It’s difficult to prevent this type of funeral fraud, but the affairs of dying people should be in the hands of an impartial party (if there is family feuding going on) who refuses to let legal documents be changed.  

At Caitlin, NY funeral homes, our experienced and sympathetic staff at Roberts Funeral Home can help you with resources to avoid funeral fraud. You can see us in person at our funeral home at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894, or you can call us today at (607) 734-7811.  

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Explaining Funerals to Children

Before funerals of loved ones at funeral homes in Owego, NY, children who are old enough to understand – children under five years of age are probably too young – should know what’s happened, know what’s going to happen, and be included in the entire process that accompanies the death of someone we love.  

While children don’t have the emotional maturity or the complexity of emotions that adults may have with regard to someone they love who has died, children can still grieve the loss more deeply than you might expect, especially if they were extremely close to the person who has died.  

The first thing that you need to do is let your children know that death is part of life and grief associated with death is normal. They also need to know that all grief doesn’t look the same and people, even within the same immediate family, may grieve very differently from each other. By explaining the spectrum of grief, you can help your children know that how they grieve and express that grief is okay and it’s not abnormal.  

You also need to explain the funeral process to your children. Let them know what to expect at the visitation. It can be quite a shock for children to see someone they love lying in a casket, completely motionless, eyes closed, hands folded over each other, and almost looking like the person did when they were alive. It can also be shocking for children to touch the body and discover that it is very cold.  

Explain visitation protocol to your children. Let them know that they’ll be up front in the funeral home beside you and the rest of the family and people will come up to all of you and express their condolences. Make sure that you prepare your children for the kinds of grief they made see, including tears, sobbing, and other emotions they may not have experienced before.  

You should also prepare your children for the funeral service. Many times, older children within the immediate family are asked to do readings as part of the funeral service. Go through the order of the funeral service with your children so they know what to expect and they also know how much longer the service will be. That may sound trifling, but sometimes funeral services are hard on children, and the knowledge that they are almost over can be a relief to them.  

Then you want to explain the graveside service to your children. Tell them what its purpose is and how it’s different from the funeral service. Let them know that the casket will be sitting above the cemetery plot where the deceased will be buried, because they’ll see the dirt that has been dug out around it.  

The first few days between the death of a loved one and their burial are often so busy that they’re a blur and the reality of them being gone doesn’t fully sink in. However, once all of that is over, the real grieving begins. Discuss it openly with your children and let them discuss how they’re feeling with you. Watch for signs of withdrawal and depression and consider grief counseling if these become protracted.  

At funeral homes in Owego, NY, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff at Roberts Funeral Home can help you with more resources to explain funerals to your children. You can come to our funeral home at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894, or you can contact us today at (607) 734-7811.  

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Cremation Service Planning Advice

As a loved one of someone who has passed on, it can be a difficult time. You are grieving and then there are funeral arrangements to make and details to attend to. If your loved one wanted cremation in Horseheads, NYat least you know that much. However, you can still go through with a variety of cremation services. Here’s some advice to help you get through the process with as much ease as possible.  

Understand The Choices 

There are several different cremation choices and you will want to know the differences so you can make the right decision. Direct cremation, for example, occurs when the deceased is cremated right away after their death without any services prior to the cremation. Cremation can also happen later, after a traditional service. Find out about the cremation options before you move forward with one too quickly.  

Look For Documented Wishes 

Your loved one may have had a will and if so, they might have instructions in it to cover their cremation services. Look for documents that show their wishes and if you can’t find anything in writing, and they haven’t planned ahead with a funeral home, then the decisions are up to you and your family members. Try to do what they would have wanted and what your family needs at the same time.  

Involve Others 

Even if you know your loved one wanted to be cremated, you might not know what type of memorial service they wanted. In that case, your family can be a big help. What do they want or need to further their grieving process? Honoring their wishes would definitely be something your loved one would want, so take their feelings into consideration as you plan as well.  

Consider Cost 

It’s hard to bring up price when you are planning a cremation, but it’s natural to want to know what things will cost and the prices can definitely vary. The cremation service itself is less expensive than a traditional burial and that could allow you to have a nicer memorial service later based on the savings you accrue. When you know the costs behind everything, you will more easily be able to choose the services you want—and you can afford.  

When you are arranging a cremation in Horseheads, NY for a loved one who has recently passed on, there’s no reason to feel alone. The experts at Roberts Funeral Home are here to help you every step of the way. This isn’t something you deal with on a regular basis, but we do and we’re here to guide you through it. Give us a call at (607) 734-7811 or visit us at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 to get started on the process. We want to relieve you of as many burdens as possible during this difficult time. Your loved one was special and their cremation services will be treated as such, with honor and respect to them at all times.

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Avoid These Funeral Home Pre-Planning Mistakes

If you have thought of planning your own final services with a funeral home in Wellsburg, NY, it’s definitely a good idea. You can relieve your family of a number of burdens, get better prices, and get what you really want for the services, among other things. But, like with any plans, there are mistakes you can make along the way. Here are some common errors and how you can avoid them as you pre-plan with a funeral home.  

Mistake 1: Waiting For Illness 

Many people don’t like to think about their own funerals, and we don’t blame them. However, waiting until you are ill with a potentially life-threatening sickness isn’t a good idea. You never know how long you’ll have before you pass on and it’s a lot harder to plan ahead when you are ill. Pre-planning your funeral before anything like that comes up is the wise way to go. You will have time and plenty of energy to put into the planning process.  

Mistake 2: Not Asking Enough Questions 

Many funeral homes have a lot of different options for services and packages. You shouldn’t feel bad about asking questions about any of them. You can change things around and make the service as unique as you’d like. If you just choose something and don’t ask questions, your family may not get what they need once you pass on. You are purchasing an important service and you want to know the details before you make the wrong decision.  

Mistake 3: Avoiding Direct Communication 

The funeral home you choose is there to help you with the services you need. However, you have to communicate with then in a clear and direct manner so they know what you want. If they aren’t on the same page as what you are thinking, there’s no way for them to do as you want. Communicate what you want in a clear and direct manner and put things into writing so both parties know what’s going to happen.  

Mistake 4: Forgetting Prices 

One of the benefits of pre-planning with a funeral home is that you can take care of the costs for your family in advance. If you pay too much attention to price, or not enough, you can make big mistakes. You might be on a budget, but if you skimp and don’t get all the services your family would like, they’ll hurt later. If you spend too much and leave the costs to them, that can hurt as well.  

If you’d like to plan services in advance with a funeral home in Wellsburg, NY, contact Roberts Funeral Home at (607) 734-7811. We are experts in planning ahead and we won’t let you make some of the common mistakes that people make when working on their own final services. We are located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and we’re here to help with services of any kind, way before you pass on or after you lose a loved one.

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Cremation After A Home Death

Sometimes, someone you love might get ill and pass away in the hospital. Other times, perhaps they pass away in their sleep, or are allowed to die in their home after a long illness. There are certain steps that need to be taken to move forward with cremation in Elmira, NY and other funeral arrangements.  

Death Pronouncement 

If the death is unexpected, you will call 911 so paramedics can come help you with the situation. If your loved one is already gone, or has a do not resuscitate order, the paramedics can pronounce them dead officially and help you obtain death certificates. If you are getting hospice care for a loved one, the nurse on duty can help with the official pronouncement. If you were in a hospital, there would always be a doctor on duty to do the official pronouncement, but at home, it’s different.  

Notify Proper Parties 

You will want to contact the funeral home or crematorium that your loved one wanted to use. They will ask some basic questions and, if you don’t already know, you can talk about pricing over the phone. You will also want to notify other immediate family members who should know about the death right away. The funeral home can take care of transporting your loved one and beginning the cremation process, if that is what they have chosen. They can also put final services together for you once you choose the specifics.  

Clean Up Service 

While you might not want to deal with this right away, at some point, it might be a good idea to hire a clean-up service to take care of the room in which your loved one passed on. You could do this yourself, but it’s often hard to deal with this portion of the responsibilities when someone close to you has passed away. If they were in hospice care, the nurse can take care of the medical equipment and other details. But you might be left to get rid of the hospital-like bed and other items yourself. There’s not necessarily a rush on this and sometimes it’s better to wait until after the final services are complete and things aren’t quite as raw.  

If you experience a death in your family and it happens in your home, contact Roberts Funeral Home for help with the next steps. We can do cremation in Elmira, NY and we can help transport your loved one from your home, to our facilities as well. Once your loved one is in our hands, we will treat them with nothing but honor and respect throughout the process. Give us a call as soon as you need us at (607) 734-7811. We understand what a difficult time you are going through right now and we’ll treat you with nothing but compassion. We’re located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and we’re here to help, whatever you need. Death is never easy, but we’ll relieve you of as many burdens as possible. 

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Funeral Home Etiquette Basics

Funerals are often somber events when you attend final services at Owego, NY funeral homes. The services can be reflective times and they often require special behavior and attitudes. Every final service is different, but in most cases, showing respect to a friend who has lost someone, or to a loved one who passed on in your family, will be a time of remembrance. You want to be prepared to enter the funeral home before the services begin.  

The Overall Mood 

There are some instances in which a final service will be more of a celebration of life, but, for the most part, funerals are more solemn affairs. You will want to enter the funeral home with respect in all cases. Losing a loved one creates a void in people’s lives and you want to tread carefully in your own mood and what you put forth to others. Unless you are told otherwise, treat the funeral as a somber event.  

Action Basics 

You will want to arrive 15 minutes or so before the service is scheduled to begin so you can find a seat without disrupting anyone. If you speak to others around you, use a hushed voice, like you would at a wedding or in church. The first few rows of the funeral home are usually for family members and close friends. If you aren’t part of that group, sit farther back. Don’t draw attention to yourself, but rather make the day about the departed. Dress in a conservative and respectful manner without sparkly, flashy items.  

Child Considerations 

If you have children, you will want to think about whether or not they are old enough to understand what is going on during a funeral service. If they knew the person and are of the proper age, they can come along and be expected to act accordingly during the service. If they are too young or didn’t know the person, you might want to find someone to watch them at home for you. Either way, make sure you sit near the back in case you have to take the child and step out. You don’t want them to disrupt the service or disturb the family in any way.  

If you haven’t been to a funeral in a while and you’d like more advice, contact a funeral home in Owego, NY with your questions. When you need help organizing final services, the professionals at Roberts Funeral Home are here to help. Give us a call at (607) 734-7811 and we can get started on the plans you need to put into place. You can also visit us at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and look over options in person. We’re here to help you through this difficult time in any way we can. We’re happy to take care of as many details as possible for you so you can concentrate on spending time with your family and grieving with them, as you should. 

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Cremation Urn Buying Guide

Cremation is more popular today as a final disposition and because of that, there are a number of urns on the market to consider. If your loved one is going through a Horseheads, NY cremation, you will need an urn of some kind. You will want to keep a number of things in mind as you look through the options and begin the purchasing process.  

The Budget 

Urns come in just about every price range and you will want to have a budget in mind when you start to look so you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options. You can narrow down the choices just with your budget. You might have a budget in mind if you are paying for the urn yourself or, if your loved one left money behind, that might dictate how much you have to spend on this element of the final services.  

The Size 

Many people think an urn is an urn, but that’s not always the case. Not all cremated remains will fit in the same sized urn. People who weighed more than average might need a larger urn, for example. There are also companion urns that can fit two people if a married couple wants to be placed together. There are also smaller, special urns for children’s remains.  

The Function 

You will need to think about how you want the urn to function as you go about buying the right option. Some urns are just used to carry the remains from the funeral home to the final resting place, where the remains will then be scattered. In those cases, you can buy something less expensive since it won’t be on display. If you are going to display the urns in your home or at a memorial service, you will want a nicer urn that is meant to last. There are even biodegradable urns for burial in the ground or water burials. Those urns break up and are more environmentally friendly. If several family members would like to have part of the remains, there are special urns in picture frames, jewelry, and other options to consider.  

Choosing the right urn for your loved one takes a little time, effort, and research, but if you know your budget, the size you need, and how you want the urn to function, you can narrow down your search quite a bit. Roberts Funeral Home is here to help after your loved one goes through Horseheads, NY cremation as well as before and during that process. We want your family to have everything they need, and we can certainly offer options and suggestions for the right urn to suit your needs. Contact us at (607) 734-7811 to ask questions or to get started arranging a cremation. You can also stop by and see us at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894. We’ll treat you with nothing but the utmost compassion during this difficult time.

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What A Funeral Home Suggests After Death

When someone you love passes away, you might be in a state of shock and grief. Once you are able to push past the initial emotions, you know there’s a lot to do. It’s never easy to death with death and grief, but a Big Flats, NY funeral home can help you figure out the steps to take to make the process as simple as possible during such a difficult time.  

The Death Certificate 

One of the first things you will need to do is secure copies of the death certificate. You won’t be able to move forward with arrangements or anything else you need to do until this is completed. You’ll need several copies to help you with a variety of things so get at least 15 copies just in case.  

Informing Others 

You will likely reach out to close family members immediately upon losing your loved one, but later one, you will also want to talk to others your loved one touched during their life. It might be too much for you to take on, so it is often a good idea to call just a few people and ask them to contact others for you. There may be some you’d like to wait and call after the funeral arrangements are made so you can inform them of those at the same time. Others will want to know of the death right away.  

Close Accounts 

You will want to start closing down your loved one’s accounts, so those aspects are taken care of. Do things like cancel their credit cards to prevent anyone from stealing their identity and using them. Keep a close eye on bank accounts and other things that will eventually transfer to someone else once the will is read.  

Contact An Attorney 

If your loved one had a will and an attorney, contact that person to help arrange the estate. The process can be complex and complicated, and it is best left up to a professional. If you have your own attorney you trust, you can ask them to help as well. Otherwise, use the person your loved one left their will with to complete the process for your family.  

Choose A Funeral Home 

You will also want to contact a funeral home early on in the process as well to get final arrangements started. Roberts Funeral Home is here to help you honor your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve. Contact us at (607) 734-7811 when you need Big Flats, NY funeral homes to help you say goodbye to your loved one. We will customize any funeral service into just what you’d like so you can honor wishes and your family needs at the same time. We’re located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and it is our job to relieve you of as many burdens as we can during this difficult time of grief.

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Urn Options For Cremations

Choosing an urn for a loved one after Owego, NY cremations take place is important. It is like choosing a casket. This is their resting place and you want something that fits their personality and style as well as your needs. There are plenty of options on the market so take your time to do a little research and look over the different styles.  

Scattering Urns 

Scattering urns are one of the most popular and common style of urn. These are the least expensive, but they can still look nice and elegant. These are for people who simply need a container to take the cremated remains from the funeral home to the site where the scattering will take place. They may save the urn after, but it’s not the final resting place for their loved one. There are a lot of simple urns in various material options to consider if this is the route you are taking.  

Display Urns 

If you are not planning to scatter your loved one’s ashes, or you are not scattering all of the, and are instead displaying the urn in your home, you will want to have something that looks even nicer and holds up well over time. These urns are also great if you are going to have them on display at a memorial service. There are plenty of materials such as porcelain, aluminum, clay, or stainless steel and they can have messages on them or even the name of your loved one engraved on them.  

Biodegradable Urns 

If you want to bury your loved one in a plot or give them a water burial, these are great options to purchase. These urns break down in water or soil and are better for the environment. They are made of things like wicker, clay, balsa wood, and other such options. If your loved one was environmentally conscious, these are good options to honor them with their urn.  

Keepsake Urns 

Some families want to keep their loved one’s remains, but they don’t want the look of an urn in their home. That’s where a keepsake urn can help. These urns are unique and can be things like picture frames with compartments behind them, pieces of jewelry, and other such items. They’re also a good choice if a lot of family members want part of the remains.  

There are a lot of options if you have a loved one going through Owego, NY cremation. Choose an urn that suits your needs and also honors your loved one’s memory in the right manner. If you need help with the options, contact Roberts Funeral Home at (607) 734-7811 with your questions. We’re here to help with any detail you need to cover. You can also visit us at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894. We’re here to help families through the difficult times that come with the end of a life. We understand grief and we will take as many burdens from you as we can.

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Etiquette For Funeral Home Appearances

If you have never attended a funeral in a West Elmira, NY funeral homes before, you might be nervous when you get invited to one. You know people will be sad and grieving and you will have to be sensitive to them. It’s not always a comfortable experience, but if you want to honor the person who passed on and be there for the family, attendance is a good idea. While there are no set, hard and fast rules, there are a few elements you will want to follow to feel more at least with the process.  

What To Wear 

The first thing you will consider is what you should wear to the funeral home for the service. The traditional color of choice is black, but there is no requirement for that. Try to wear something in a more muted color and avoid bright patterns and anything that could be a distraction. Look for something on the conservative side. If you feel you could wear the outfit to church, it’ might be a good fit for the funeral home as well.  

Take Care With Phones 

It seems wherever we go these days, there are ringing and buzzing cell phones. When you enter the funeral home, make sure your phone is set on silent. Better yet, leave it in the car completely. Even phones on vibrate still make noise and can be a distraction. This is a time to focus on the person who passed on and their family members and nothing else. If your phone goes off, you’ll be embarrassed and seen as rude and disruptive.  

A Gift For The Grieving 

Everyone wants to do something for the family in grief to make them feel better or remind them they are there for them. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. They can be simple things like flowers, a card with a heartfelt note, a cooked meal, a donation to a charity in their loved one’s name or other items. The thought is what counts in these cases.  

Keep Disruptions Minimal 

If you have a cough, but really want to attend the service at the funeral home, it’s perfectly fine. Just sit near the back so if you have a coughing fit you can quickly duck out. IF you have children you want to bring, that’s okay too. Dress them appropriately and again, sit near the back so if they start to fuss, you can get out fast, so you aren’t disrupting anyone else in their time of grief.  

Attending a funeral may not be something you do on a daily basis, but when you visit a West Elmira, NY funeral homes for a service, there’s no need to be more worried over it than necessary. If you have more questions about what to wear or what to bring, contact the professionals at Roberts Funeral Home by calling (607) 734-7811. We’re located at 279 Main St., Wellsburg, NY 14894 and we’re here to help families through hard times.